Saturday 3 March 2012

ROH 10th Anniversary Show Preview

Amidst the boring wrestling from both WWE and TNA in early 2010, I wanted something different. I wanted to find a balance in terms of sports entertainment and pure wrestling. And that's where Ring of Honor came in. 

In mid March of that year, I stumbled upon a video promo for ROH's upcoming iPPV 'The Big Bang'. From that moment on I was hooked completely, and wanted to get myself into the company straight away. 

Of course I heard of ROH before. I heard of Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness, but was never truly interested in it. 

I think its fair to say that if I never saw that video, I never would have gotten into ROH. I never would have seen the classic feud between Kevin Steen and El Generico. I never would have seen Davey's hunt for the title. And most importantly, I never would have seen 'Best in the World 2011' live and in person from the Hammerstein Ballroom. 

Ring of Honor brought to me another aspect of wrestling. One that re-lit the flare and passion that was soon fading away from me. And for that, I thank them. Thank you ROH, and here's to another successful 10 years. 

Back on the topic at hand however, I'd like to preview their upcoming iPPV, the 10th Anniversary Show. 

Special Attraction:
Homicide vs. Mike Bennett

ROH are really trying their best to get over Mike Bennett, with matches like this one and his match against Lance Storm in a few weeks time. These are two people I don't really care about. Bennett has shown some improvement since coming to ROH, but overall I still feel that he doesn't have what it takes to make it. And as for Homicide, well, I've never liked him. Although he's a former World Champion and mostly popular among ROH fans, I still find him to be very in-your-face and and not even a shadow of his former self. In the end, I see Bennett getting the win, thus continueing his impressive wins over top ROH stars. 

Glory by Honor X Rematch:
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. The All Night Express

I'm looking forward to seeing Rhett Titus return to the ring. For a few months now, ANX have been moved off the tag team shelf due to Titus' injury, but thankfully he's back in time for the iPPV. Do I expect it to be a stand-out match? No. I think WGTT have slipped in quality over the past couple of months and I don't expect them to find their stride on Sunday. I see ANX getting the victory, as they still have that Tag Team Title contract to cash in on. 

Special Attraction Match:
Amazing Red & TJ Perkins vs. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin

This is a match I actually have high hopes for. Two exciting wrestlers in Red and Perkins taking on a team that has a good balance of quickness and strength. Expect some nice chain wrestling, high flying moves and Elgin throwing Red all of the place. I know I will. 

No DQ Match:
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kevin Steen

According to Steen, Jimmy Jacobs still has that evil side in him. And on Sunday, I expect to see that from him when he takes on Steen in a No DQ match. I don't expect it to be as good as the Steen/Corino match at Final Battle, but Jacobs is still well versed in Hardcore Matches and I expect a good outing from him. As for Steen, well, I expect him to be as brutal as ever. I see Steen getting the victory, and continuing on his destructive road to the World Title. 

ROH World Television Championship:
Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Although Jay Lethal's run as TV Champion has been fairly solid, I'm still not pushed on his, well, push. The same can be said for Tommaso Ciampa in many ways. Another man who's been pushed well since he's arrived in ROH, but another man who just doesn't do it for me. This is a tough decision to make. Does Lethal continue his impressive run as TV Champion or does Ciampa continue his undefeated run and pick up the title along the way? I'll go with Ciampa to down Lethal, but this really could go either way. 

ROH World Tag Team Championship:
The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks

Dem Boys, Dem Boys, Dem Boys, oh how they've been enjoyable to watch. From there awesome promos to their consistent work inside the ring, The Briscoes have become (and probably always have been) the best thing in Ring of Honor. I can't wait for their match against the always talented Young Bucks. Both teams know how to structure a good tag team match and I have no doubt that this match should be fun. I'm going with The Briscoes to retain, and go onto defend their titles against ANX at one of the Mania Weekend shows. Match of the night perhaps? Could well be.

Main Event:
Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole

I'm just going to start by saying this - I'm not happy with this main event. For an event celebrating the companies 10th Anniversary, the show should be headlined with a World Title match. The fact that they've put Davey in yet another tag team main event is ridiculous. I get the picture of course, two of the top stars in ROH teaming up with two up and comers, showcasing whats to come in the future yada, yada, yada. But at the end of the day, you should be going with a World Title match. I know I may sound like a broken record, but thats just how I feel about the whole situation. 

As for the match itself, I expect it to be good, but nothing more than that. Another tough one to call, but I'll go with Davey and Kyle to pick up the victory. 

Overall I can't say that I'm exactly looking forward to the event. It should have its high points of course, but as a whole I feel it could be much better. But hey, for $10 (€7 for me) its easily a bargain. 

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