Monday 16 April 2012

News Roundup - 16 April, 2012

Bobby Roode retained his TNA World Championship at last night's Lockdown PPV against James Storm after the Cowboy Super Kicked him through the door of the cage. Not the best finish to go with in my opinion as I felt the big hype deserved a clean finish, but they can still salvage this feud if they do things right going forward. Giving Storm a 'one more match' type of angle going into Slammiversary, and having him win it at that event would cap things off pretty nicely I think, even though that event is still a fair bit away.

Backstage plans have come out today concerning FCW's Dean Ambrose. Sources say that they have fairly big plans for him when he debuts for WWE so fingers crossed that nothing changes there. Personally I can't wait to see Ambrose make his debut, as he looks to be very unique both wrestling wise and personality wise. If you haven't checked out his stuff over in FCW, then I suggest you do. has officially announced that WrestleMania XXVIII set new records for PPV buys with a 1.3million buy-rate. This has come a few hours after The Rock announced on Twitter that WWE had set an all time record. This is a great achievement for the WWE, and really goes to show all those haters backstage and around the World that The Rock's return has benefited everyone in the WWE greatly.

ROH have announced three big matches for their upcoming show in Toronto on May 12th. Firstly, Roderick Strong will face the 'Belfast Bruiser' in what is sure to be a hard-hitting contest. Some people may be upset that he isn't facing someone like the upcoming Michael Elgin, but I'm sure the 53 year old Irishman won't want to be taking any spinning powerbombs. Also on the show it will be Eddie Edwards taking on the returning Rhino. Nothing much to say here really, I don't expect it to be a great match I'm sure a lot of fans will be pleased with this. Lastly, it was announced that The Briscoes will be taking on Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team in a Fight Without Honor. Surely this will be they end to their everlasting feud. Surely.

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