Saturday 26 May 2012

Daily Wrasslin' Match: Austin Aries vs. Joey Ryan - Impact Wrestling 5/24/12

I don't like TNA. I find it to be a great load of poo. But, after hearing that Joey Ryan was competing in this Gut Check challenge, I just had to check it out. 

Many of you might not have ever heard of Joey Ryan before last week, but it has to be said that this guy is very good, and his stuff is worth checking out. And before I go any further, I'm not going to be all "Oh, I knew Joey Ryan from the Indie's before he got onto TNA television" because quite frankly, it doesn't matter where you first hear of people. 

Anyway, even if you haven't seen this match yet, I think you should. Because in the 5 minutes that he wrestles you see that he has all the credentials be a great addition to TNA. He has the look (come on, admit it, he as a beautiful moustache), the charisma, and the ability to back it all up. But to him, it's just Eazy Being Sleazy. 

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