Thursday 17 May 2012

Raw Review - 14 May, 2012

I really didn't want to review Raw this week. While at times I just don't feel like watching Raw, this week was a case of me just wanting it all to end.

Raw was just awful this week, and especially since this was the go-home Raw before Over The Limit. I mean seriously, there was nothing from Raw that would want me to get this PPV on Sunday.

Yes, the prospect of seeing CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan doesn't really need any storyline development, but you'd still like to see some at the end of the day, because this WWE Title match has come across as really second-rate. And then there's the case of why Cena acted so cocky when he confronted Big Johnny, without even knowing of the stipulations of the match on Sunday. While Bryan vs. Punk has no storyline development, Cena vs. Laurinaitis has an inconsistent storyline development. More as I get to it.

Triple H and Paul Heyman
Once again it's the opening segment that's the best segment from Raw. Triple H and Paul Heyman cut a very good segment here. Firstly, it was Triple H getting some jabs in at the fired Brock Lesnar, and then it was Paul Heyman being the great mouthpiece for Lesnar that he always was.

Everything just clicked with this segment, and the ending with Triple H grabbing hold of the wormy Heyman just capped things off nicely.

CM Punk & Santino Marella vs. Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes
Unsurprisingly this was the only kind of development that were going to get on Raw. Creative really know how to treat the WWE title as if its some kind of secondary storyline maker, don't they? I mean, these two are facing off for the WWE Championship on Sunday and this is all they get?

It was a decent match of course. Daniel Bryan heeled up his role nicely, while CM Punk looks to relish the chance to get his hands on Bryan even more. All of it was fine, you'd just expect more is all.

Big Johnny and Big Show
So, after Kane defeated Big Show with a thunderous Choke Slam, we came to a segment that seemed to last forever.

Big Show is great at turning on the water works whenever he feels like it, but his break down just felt over-the-top. I mean, he's over 7 feet tall, however amount of pounds, and comes across as one of the generals backstage. So, why did they have him react like he did?

I'm sure this is all going somewhere, but is it going somewhere good? I'm sure we'll find out on Sunday. Again, more on that as I get to it.

CM Punk and AJ
Well, what do we have here? Sure, its not exactly development for the Punk and Bryan together, but I'm sure AJ will play apart in their match at Over The Limit.

It was a good segment, which saw AJ should that little bit of crazy that we've saw glimpses of over the past couple of weeks. Could this new obsession cost Punk his title? Its definitely a possibility.

Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & The Miz vs. R-Truth, Kofi Kingston & Brodus Clay
Dolph, no! Get out of there! Get away from Brodus, you deserve better! My God, do we really need to see another head-butt spot between those two? I know the tag team scene isn't the best for him, but its still better than working with the Funkasaurus.

Honestly, I was more disappointed to see Dolph in the ring with Brodus, than see The Miz lose yet again, and with very little reaction from the commentators.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
While the WWE title match has had very little build-up, the 2 week build-up to the Fatal-4-Way has been a lot more enjoyable.

Not only has it been paced well, but everyone is playing there characters perfectly. Alberto Del Rio has been doing his usual stuff, such as using Ricardo as his body guard, Orton and Sheamus have shown great chemistry in their segments, and Jericho is playing the heel who is picking up the victories and looks like he could well capture the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday.

Bar Del Rio, this is exactly what we saw when Chris Jericho faced Randy Orton put on a solid bout. Jericho got the sneaky win, while Orton and Sheamus continue to have tension between themselves. It's good stuff all round.

Big Johnny and John Cena
This segment actually could have come off really well. While many people don't like Cena's comedy shtick, I think it depends on the situation and what way you look at it.

Cena is the face of the company, and come come across as pretty unstoppable. If he's all jokes, it can come across as a “I'm going to destroy you” kind of way where he has no worries whatsoever. But really, he should have been a little bit worried, because up until he read out that letter, he should have expected the likes of Lord Tensai to accompany Johnny to the ring.

That's why I think the letter should have been read out first. That way, it would give Cena something to be confident about. Instead, we just saw Cena through joke after joke after joke, and all for no real reason.

Anyway, with Big Show now fired, could we see him make an appearance at Over The Limit. The already fired Big Show can't be fired twice so come Sunday, I expect him to help Big Johnny out, and cost Cena the match.

Stray Observations:
  • Well, the man who is so proud to be the United Sates Champion. He won the title a few months ago in one of the biggest upsets in Monday Night Raw.” Yeah... no.
  • Yeah, I believe in Santa and Little Jimmy!” Shut up, King. Please.
  • I am sorry if John Cena is your favourite superstars, because essentially that makes each and everyone of you a loser.”
  • So, Big Show gets fired for making fun of Laurinaitis' voice, and Cena doesn't? I know Cena is the face of the company and all, but that just makes Big Show looked extremely weak.

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