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WWE Smackdown Review - 31 August, 2012

After a night of Anger Management classes and a cold-hearted statement from CM Punk, it was back to basics over on Smackdown, and in many ways, this is when the blue brand is at its best.

It was another one of those weeks where the main focus was on the wrestling, and all of the wrestling made for a pretty good episode of Smackdown.

Sheamus and Damien Sandow
I honestly think that this segment between Sandow and Sheamus was better than anything Del Rio and the World champ have done together all year. This was simply a mix of two different characters, and ended up coming off pretty well because of it.

There's no wonder as to why the likes of Triple H seem to be high on Damien Sandow. He's an excellent talker on the mic, carries himself well and is a decent wrestler as well. He has all the makings of being a pretty big deal in the WWE, and this segment to open up Smackdown showed that he can run with the ball, even if it is only for a few yards every so often.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
A solid bout between two people who work very well together. Cody's work on Mysterio's back was well played out, and the action was also at a nice pace. The match could have done with a Rhodes' victory if I'm honest, as I feel the win would have done a lot more for him. But, if this thing with Sin Cara ends with Cody looking the stronger out of the two then I don't really mind for little results like that one last night.

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow
Since his debut, we've seen Damien Sandow work a very aggressive style, as we've seen him beat his opponents with viscous knees and high velocity. But, in the this match we saw a different game plan from the intellect.

I was ready to contradict Michael Cole when he said that Sandow's style was nothing like Sheamus', but when the bell rang he proved to be right on this occasion. Sandow, in true heel fashion, stayed clear of Sheamus and only attacked when Sheamus' guard was down, and then ran away when the World champion showed signs of building momentum.

It was the perfect way for Damien Sandow to accept defeat, without even being pinned. With Sandow being so good on the mic, he'll (or his writers more so) will find a good way of defending his decision to run away from the match without coming across that weak.

The new approach was certainly different, but is came off well in what was a pretty decent match.

Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs. The Prime Time Players
While I'm not a big fan of Justin 'look at my new hair' Gabriel, I think that him pairing up with Tyson Kidd will make for a good partnership. This tag team, as well as The Prime Time Players, make the tag team division worth getting a little bit optimistic for.

This was a pretty decent match which showcased The Prime Time Players' dominance in the tag team division very well. I think it was important for them to get the victory over this new tag team as I feel they need all the wins they can get to become a credible heel tag team in the WWE.

In my opinion, they're the only tag team in the WWE that have real chemistry together, alongside The Usos. At Night of Champions, I'm hoping the The Prime Time Players get the straps (if a tag team title match will even be booked for the PPV that is) and be the first Tag Team champions in a long time to look like... well, a real tag team.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kane
A week after a much needed victory over Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio continued with his momentum by toppling the Big Red Monster, Kane. It was an OK match, albeit a bit flat. It never really seemed to kick off, and I think it's fair to say that the chemistry between the two isn't the best.

Still though, the match served it's purpose. Alberto Del Rio is on his way to Night of Champions with an impressive winning streak on Smackdown.

Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus
While not a segment on the show, it is still a matter I feel I need to talk about. While the focus on Sandow and Sheamus was fresh, it still doesn't warrant why the The Great White didn't cross paths with Alberto Del Rio this week.

Not once did we see an encounter between the two. Sheamus was busy with Damien Sandow and Del Rio was busy with Kane. That's all well and good except at the end of it all we didn't see anything between the two of them.

And this is the main problem with this feud – it's on and off like a light switch. One week we have Del Rio beat the hell out of Sheamus, with Sheamus looking for revenge, and the next we don't even have them see each other.

It's these types of inconsistencies that is bringing this feud down. Every second week the rivalry is relit, only for it to be left to die out the week after.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
How many times must we see Dolph Ziggler get beaten by the RKO? One week you have Ziggler beating Chris Jericho, and the next he's losing to Randy Orton in a standard match on Smackdown.

Did this match even need to take place? Did it make Orton look that much stronger? Was it worth yet another Dolph Ziggler loss? I really don't think so. And what's even worse is that we've seen this match so many times before, so it didn't even need to take place.

It's things like this where you really have to wonder what creative are thinking in terms of building up superstars.

Overall, this was still an enjoyable Smackdown. The second half of the show dipped due to some frustrating booking, but the positives just about out-weigh the negatives here this week.

Stray Observations:
  • Is it wrong that two of my favourite theme songs are “She Looks Good” and “Move”.
  • I loved the crowds reaction after Sin Cara put that mask on Cody Rhodes. It was just silence and then a sudden realization of “Oh, that's it.”
  • Were the anger management segments really worth replaying?
  • I don't blame Kane for wanting to attack Josh Matthews all the time. I like him and all, but he still has a very punchable face.

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