Saturday 25 May 2013

Rumours of Punk vs. Lesnar A Welcome From Me

Since Brock Lesnar's return in 2012, there has always been heated talk of who the big man should work against. 

His match against John Cena was short and sweet (even though people weren't very happy about the result), and his series of matches against Triple H felt like it lasted a lifetime (despite how consistently good the matches were). 

Now that his latest feud over, it's back to who he should face next. There's a lot of people he could face, but not a lot of big names. Since his feud with Triple H ended I was hoping that they'd put him in a little feud against a strong mid carder so he could go on a dominant run, but it appears that creative want nothing but big names facing the big star. 

Which is fine by me, especially if that big names does end up being CM Punk himself, who is rumoured to turn face and feud with him in the coming weeks. It is something that I'd welcome greatly. Partially because I want Punk to turn face, and partially because I think both men could work very well together. 

Punk may not be as physically imposing as John Cena and Triple H, but there's no reason why the Straight Edge superstar can't be a threat to Brock Lesnar, even if it's just a little bit. The idea that such a match wouldn't be believable enough is complete nonsense. Fans have been made to suspend their belief plenty of times, it is simply something you have to do to enjoy wrestling. 

CM Punk should not be the winner of this feud (and I'm speaking as if this is going through, but I honestly don't know), but there's no reason why he can't stand toe-to-toe with the beast himself and put up a good fight. It would be unrealistic to have Punk beat Lesnar fairly, but it wouldn't to see them put on a good match. 

People can say that they'd rather to see him face Undertaker or Rock, but I'd actually prefer this match. Despite his attitude, Punk remains hungry and fresh, something that the two WWE legends listed above simply aren't. 

As I briefly said, I don't even know if this rumour is even true. It seems genuine enough, but it's something we'll have to wait and find out about. But, when CM Punk does return sometime during the Summer, I hope he turns his back on his guy Paul Heyman and goes after Lesnar. 

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