Sunday 22 April 2012

News Roundup - 22 April, 2012

Mark Madden has claimed that the person behind Lesnar's promos has been Paul Heyman. Paul, who also helped Lesnar with his UFC promos is now helping him with his WWE material even though he isn't under contract with them. Its funny to think that Lesnar has been given so much freedom to say whatever he wants, even if an outside source his whispering ideas into his head. You'd think someone working for WWE would help him in that department.

Christy Hemme awoke to burglars in her house yesterday morning and instantly thought of tweeting about it (who wouldn't, eh?). She said: Just woke up to fucking druggy burglars in my house, chased them out and my hubby is not here... I'm so freaked!”

Good to hear she's alright and that the burglars didn't harm her in any way. I think she should count herself lucky that they didn't resort to hurting her because that's generally what happens when the owner of the house decides to confront any intruders.

Also in the world of Twitter, Hulk Hogan took to the social network to talk about the current state of TNA and where he would like to see it go. He said: "Getting my head really wrapped around the fan business requests and how to transition Impact Wrestling beyond the Mania, Attitude era, nWo era. Not just grow in a black beard or just switch a title or just verbally say were changing, I'm talking about really changing (the) foundation to put wrestling in a whole new era. I know I came up with the idea, I'm gonna really flush it out before I drop the bomb on you Maniacs."

I really don't see TNA's obsession with wanting to change the wrestling industry in such a monumental way. Right know Hulk Hogan and co. would only be concerned about way to make their product better, and not how to elevate themselves into super stardom, because let's face it, that's just a ridiculously unrealistic task. They should stop with constant heel/face turns that don't make sense, get rid of the oldies (at this stage they're as influential and helpful as a bag of piss) and look to fine ONE guy to lead their company. I could go on and on with TNA's problems, but frankly I just don't have the time or desire to so.

Finally, PWG held their annual DDT4 event last night. The show contained 9 matches, one of which being the PWG World Championship match between Steen and Sami Callihan. Here are the full results...

PWG DDT4 Results
RockNES Monsters def. Taylors
Future Shock def. The Dynasty
2 Husky Black Guys def. Strong and Callihan
Super Smash Bros def. Young Bucks
2 Husky Black Guys def. RockNES Monsters
Super Smash Bros def. Future Shock
Kevin Steen def. Sami Callihan to retain the
PWG World
Super Smash Bros def. 2 Husky Black Guys to win DDT4 2012

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