Tuesday 24 April 2012

News Roundup - 24 April, 2012

Eve's new role as part of Laurinaitis' posse (yeah, I said it) is said to be Vince's way of pushing her. Apparently Mr. McMahon is a pretty big fan of Eve (probably her breasts especially) and has been for well over a year. I think it's actually good to see Eve and TV more. It took a few years of near torture while watching her but she's really come into her own, both in and outside the ring.

The decision to release Tough Enough winner Andy Levine was because he wasn't making much improvement in the ring. I think it's funny that they realised after he actually won the competition, and a good year afterwards as well. In my opinion, he was never going to improve that much. His 'Silent Rage' thing was lame, his promos where shout-y and all over the place, and he was less than average in the ring. Of all the little praise he was getting from Austin and DeMott, I just wasn't a fan of him. Am I glad he's gone? Yeah, I am to be honest.

The Bella Twins will be on the cover of the Spanish edition of Maxim. Awesome.

Finally, PWG have released yet another preview video on their YouTube page, this time for their recent DDT4 show. Some pretty cool shit right there, I suggest you check it out. 

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