Saturday 8 June 2013

What I Watched This Week: 3 - 9 June

Not a whole lot I've seen this week I must say. Bar the usual weekly shows I've seen very little in terms of matches I've been meaning to watch. I'll get through them eventually, and I also picked up Bryan Danielson vs. The World the other day (and managed to watch one match on it), so might get through some of that next week as well. 

The Shield vs. Team Hell No & Randy Orton - Raw 3/6/13
I watched every match of Raw this week, but I feel this is the only one worth talking about (I did really enjoy Bryan/Ryback, but I'd end up just praising Bryan, which is basically what I'm going to do here). I seriously think that if 2013 is remembered for anything, it's that 6-Man Tag Team matches became really fun to watch. 

It wasn't even the best I've seen this year either, but one which I really enjoyed watching. While The Shield have been doing great stuff since arriving, I feel that their matches have been entertaining because of Daniel Bryan's participation in them. 

This match is no exception, as Bryan's mean streak and flurry of offence was great to watch. The crowd also played their part in my enjoyment of this match as well, as they were behind everything Bryan did in this match. 

I also liked the ending of the match especially. It served its purpose on so many levels, with The Shield looking to be in serious trouble for the first time since their debut and Bryan having a reason to get even angrier. This was just really fun to watch. 3/5

Roderick Strong vs. Taiji Ishimori - ROH TV 25/5/13
I don't think that there's any denying that Taiji Ishimori was very impressive in his debut for Ring of Honor. The NOAH star put on an excellent match against Eddie Edwards at Border Wars, before facing Roderick Strong the next night on ROH TV. 

While not as good as the match at Border Wars this was still a very good match. There were moments where both men didn't click that well, and some of Roderick's pacing of the match was a bit off, but despite all that it was still a hard-hitting bout with lots of action. 

It was a match that slowly built up to a fine conclusion, and while it wasn't perfect leading up to it the final few minutes were really exciting to watch. 3.5/5

Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams - Road to the Title (2002)
I probably would have enjoyed this match a lot more if the commentary wasn't so goddamn annoying. I mean seriously, this is even worse than Ring of Honor's commentary right now. I know back then they really wanted to get across how great they were but saying stuff like that every 10 seconds is a tad too much. 

ANYWAY, there's still a lot to like about this match, despite all the distracting bits on the side. Williams' British style wrestling complimented Danielson's technical style very well, which is funny to think of considering how early on he was in his career. 

And lack in hard-hitting, spot filled action is made up for in extremely fluid chain wrestling, and really good psychology as well. The ending itself could have been better, but it doesn't take a whole lot away from what was a really enjoyable match. 3.5/5

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