Thursday 6 June 2013

Short Thoughts on the Daniel Bryan Dilemma

Hello all, 

Not a whole lot I want to talk about this quite frankly, so why that talk about that bearded fellow who's put on an extremely exciting run as of late. 

I touched on him briefly during my Raw review this past Monday, about his current form and how his face/heel dynamic has gotten very interesting. 

It's a situation that simply doesn't happen that often. Fans generally know when a change is  needed for a wrestler (and I'm not talking about those 'Turn everyone heel!' type of people). Wrestlers turning heel/face isn't always the solution, of course. Randy Orton may be stuck in a rut for the past 15 years but that doesn't mean that a heel turn will fix everything, but it would freshen things up for him. The same applies for the likes of Sheamus, Antonio Cesaro and John Cena, even though you could argue the ship has sailed on that one for a few of them. 

It's been quite different for Daniel Bryan. Here's a guy that since day one in the WWE has had his doubters about how full of charisma that man was. And since then he's shown that he is the total package as a WWE Superstar. He can show off the clean cut look, the talking ability, the burst off offense to get the crowd going, the great psychology to control a match, the intensity, the comedic affect, and the aggression - he can simply do it all as both a face and a heel. 

This year he's been incredibly over as face, and his burst of offense as stated above has been a joy to watch, and clearly gets the fans off their feet. In saying that though, it's hard to say if I want him to stay as a face. 

There's no denying how over he is, and many will rightly argue that WWE should just capitalize on this opportunity, but I'm not as quick to jump to do that conclusion. The simple fact is that he plays an awesome heel as well. If he showed that great intensity that he's shown over the past couple of weeks and put it in with his heel persona, it would be entertaining as hell. He could control a match beautifully yet use his mean streak to mix it up later on the match. It's a scenario that's hard to se what will benefit Bryan more. 

Rumours today have circulated that Bryan is currently scheduled for a WWE title match against John Cena at Money in the Bank next month. And yet while people who face Cena are mostly heel, even creative aren't sure what to do as there's plans that he could be a face going into the match. 

As it stand right now, I'd like to see Bryan go into Money in the Bank (if they don't change their mind by then) as a heel. He would be cheered regardless I would expect, but seeing a heel Bryan stand toe-to-toe with the face of the company in a WWE title match just sounds more appealing to me. 

But... I don't really care at the same time. I don't care that I'm so undecided on this whole situation, because it's a great situation to see Daniel Bryan in. 

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