Wednesday 31 July 2013

WWE Raw Quick Hits - 29/07/13

Hit - Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon
A minor hit here, but more than anything it was just really cool seeing Bryan and Vince in the ring together. The development between them two heading into SummerSlam has been pretty good to watch as well. I like the way Vince has been downplaying Bryan's chances of winning at SummerSlam, and also emphasizing on the fact that he doesn't want him, or see him, being a top guy in his company. 

It all just makes for good development on Bryan's part. This story has been done before in some kind of form, but Bryan fits this kind of story with Vince McMahon so I'm all for them going with it. 

Miss - John Cena and Vince McMahon
Listen, when Vince berates and shows his disinterest in someone like Bryan it makes sense. He's not your typical (or rather, Vince's typical) WWE superstar, and pretty much everyone knows that. That's why it's silly to see Vince McMahon want Cena to lose the WWE championship, even though he's everything Vince loves in a WWE superstar. 

One of the things I've liked about Cena's and Vince's relationship over the past ten years or so is that they've always been fairly content with each other. Cena is Vince's golden boy in many ways, so to see them not tamper with that idea on television was always something I kind of liked. It all just made sense. 

But here, we see Vince show his disdain for Cena, and for no reason whatsoever. I get the idea of the heel boss disliking the faces in the company, but in this instance is just doesn't make any sense. Vince McMahon loves everything about John Cena, and he shouldn't be led to believe otherwise. 

Miss - 6-Man Tag Team Match
I know it may sound strange to not want a match be shown on free television before it's shown on PPV, but for me it's just not something that generally benefits a feud. Now granted, the 6-Man Tag between The Shield and The Usos and Mark Henry might not even happen at SummerSlam, but I'm just expecting it is. 

The match wasn't even bad, of course. It's just that I feel the match took a little spark away from a match that would feel bigger at a PPV. Could they not have done a few singles matches? Or a few more brawls? 

It's not a big deal, and I'm still enjoying this feud for the most part, but I feel they're showing a bit too much already. 

Hit - Del Rio vs. Christian
I said on Twitter during Raw on Monday that I've really been liking Del Rio's stuff as of late. Since winning the World title he's brought about a great amount of aggression about his work. Apparently some people backstage aren't happy about his stiff style as of late, but as I viewer I've loved his viscous kicks and all-round ruthless style. 

This past Monday we saw more of that as he did a good job on the arm of Christian, who also sold the hurt arm pretty well also. Both men put on an impressive performance in what was a relatively short match, and also delivered a decent ending as well. 

Another loss may look bad on Del Rio's part, but I think this time it was the right call, as (SPOILER) Christian needs to look strong going into his championship match against Del Rio at SummerSlam. (THESE SHITTY SPOILER TAGS PROBABLY DIDN'T HELP AT ALL...SORRY). 

Hit - Cody and Damien
When this storyline started back after Money in the Bank a few weeks ago I was excited, but quickly learned that it was going to be a pretty frustrating one to watch. The fact that Cody Rhodes got upset at Sandow for taking advantage of a situation at MITB bugged me, as despite what he and Michael Cole said, Sandow didn't do an anything wrong. If anything, it was Rhodes who looked like a sore loser, and one that felt the need to attack Sandow at every chance. 

It was annoying to watch, but thankfully I think they've kind of moved on from that. The foundation of the storyline is still there of course, but at least it's at a stage where both guys that just show there hatred for each other. 

This past Monday we saw Rhodes down Barrett in a decent enough match, followed by Sandow's presence on the titantron. The video package of what happened last Friday on Smackdown was great, and Sandow's promo following that was just as good. It took a while to get there, and to be honest it's still not perfect, but I suspect a lot of good stuff to happen between these two from now until SummerSlam. 

Hit - Bryan, Kane and The Wyatt Family
Another minor hit here. The match between Bryan and Kane was fine, especially the ending which looked pretty cool. It was a match to set up two things - Bryan getting another win on the road to SummerSlam, and The Wyatt's attacking Kane. 

Both of these things happened, as after Bryan beat Kane the Wyatt's made there way to the ring to take care of the Big Red Monster. It was the same kind of story as last time, and for some reason I was expecting a bit more than just another beatdown, but I guess with SummerSlam still a relatively good bit away they're just stretching it out a little  bit. 

I mean, it's kind of understandable if it's someone on the apron looking to interfere in your match, but being distracted by a shitty whistle bird thing? What's even worse is that Nattie was about to put in the Sharpshooter on Brie. WHY TURN AROUND AT THAT MOMENT? IT'S A BLOODY WHISTLE FROM ON TOP OF THE STAGE. BIG DEAL. FINISH THE MATCH FIRST. LOUD NOISES. Okay, I'm finished. 

Miss - "Cena wins!"
A Tables match which was basically meant to make Cena look strong going into SummerSlam. Which was fine, I guess, except why do it at the expense of Ryback? I am in no way a fan of the guy at all, but is yet another loss to Cena will going to make him look in any way a danger? 

Before the main event we saw Ryback play backyard bully as he slapped a guy backstage (and speaking of that, why was the camera on those three guys getting food in the first place?). It's a story which I'm fine with, as it makes Ryback look like a bit of a dick who can get away with doing stuff like that. That's why it was strange to see him lose yet another match against Cena, especially since there weren't any high stakes involved. 

The term 'Cenawinslol' may be a bit overused at times, but when I heard Cole say "Cena wins!" after the match I just couldn't help by roll my eyes. The whole thing felt like a boring house show match in which Cena wins to send the fans going home happy. It was all rather pointless. 

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